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Building a home is one of the biggest dreams of your life, but the construction process can be stressful and confusing. Building a beautiful and strong house requires full time supervision of an engineer for few months to a year, involves rigorous time and effort to design the perfectly optimal floor plan, choosing best construction material/components, dealing with a lot of vendors, suppliers, workers and rushing for hundreds of different materials for different stages of construction.


But now with, for the first time in the history of construction industry of Nepal, you can customize and choose your desired material online, get the construction estimate and watch your dream home being ready to move in.

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Architectural Drawing and Designing

Architectural drawings are the roadmap that guides you construct your home. It requires close and rigorous attention to details to conceptualize what the final home will look like. This phase requires the best professional architect and structural engineers to make the best design that best suits your requirement with optimal spacing as per your land plot.


Our professional architects and engineers consider all relevant factors that influence your home’s specific challenges and then create a carefully considered design that expresses your individual aesthetics and lifestyle. With our unified design-build process, architects, designers, and construction professionals cooperate closely together through every phase of building process, allowing a seamless transition from concept to reality. You can get the estimates for our design service here.

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Interior & Finishing Works

Once you have built up all the structure of your house till plastering, its time for interior and finishing work which involves a lot of elements which should be seamlessly worked out and installed to ensure beautification and cost saving. The components include tiles and marble, electric components installation, pipes and plumbing works, sanitaryware installation, putty and coloring, modular kitchen and furnishing, false ceiling, parqueting, toughened or general glass works, railing, iron and steel works in veranda/staircase.

We are here as one stop solution for all these works. You can save your time and remain stress free while we do all these works side by side with coordination of all different works seamlessly.

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Office Interior
Restaurant Setup
Departmental Store Setup
Hotel and Resort Interior

Business Setup

We are here to assist you build your dream Office setup, departmental store, Grocery Store, Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, or other Business property. You can think of strategies to run your business while we set all the components of your business for you. We design optimal layout for your limited space and construct the design into real life property.


Interior design and aesthetic makes or breaks a business, be it a restaurant, Hotel, office, or even the home that you live in. With a customized approach to each project, our interior designers will take in your vision, lifestyle, and goals to thoughtfully provide you with well-judged interior design created around you. And with our craftsmen, we make sure that the designed interior is built at par with the design.

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Raju Khatiwada
Raju Khatiwada

Enjoying the process of my Restaurant setup with amazingly creative people of

Sujan Thapa
Sujan Thapa

Setting-up Mart on my own would have been difficult. Thanks to, for their assistance on layout planning and overall setup.

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